It Is Probably Happening if You Think It IS…

A full service extremely experience team of Investigators that have over 25 years of experience in Surveillance. Search and Locate Detective Agency’s Private Investigators have one GOAL, to simply capture the total information and proof their client needs for Court Litigations or for Peace of Mind. One of the most painful experiences one can go through is being involved in a relationship which you feel your Spouse/Partner is cheating on you or you find yourself fighting your Spouse to not lose custody/visitation of your child/children.  Our Investigators  have the Client’s future as the client has known it in their hands and  what they see through their eyes when they conduct a surveillance assignment will tell them if their client’s life will drastically change or if their client’s life will remain the same . Hiring Search and Locate Detective Agency’s Private Surveillance Investigators who are dedicated to Searching and Locating for the Hidden Truth for their clients will be one of the BEST decisions you make. You Deserve to Know…..Rather it is reasons of cheating spouses, spousal abuse or abandonment, child custody, neglect, abuse or child support issues, In the State of Maryland to be awarded An Absolute Divorce or Child Custody you have to Prove at least legally accepted grounds are Adultery, Desertion, Cruelty, Conviction of a Crime or Insanity. For Child Custody the law looks for the Best Interest of the Child for decisions of Custody and visitations. Workmen’s Compensation Fraud is very serious and if discovered and proven carries both civil and criminal penalties.  Billions of dollars are lost due to Fraudulent Injury Claims from employees and this impacts every employer in all industries.  Fraud increases Workmen’s Compensation premiums as a result affects the profitability of the business. Furthermore: there are many other types of Insurance Fraud or False Insurance claims Search and Locate Investigators are hired to find the Physical Proof of the Fraud. Mostly by conducting Surveillance on the subject/s in question until the hidden truth is discovered.  

Cheating Spouses

Spousal Abuse

Child Custody

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