Process Service is deemed one of the most important parts of one’s legal case. When one hires a Process Server/Investigator they are making sure the other side receives a copy of the court papers someone has filed against them. A Case Can Not go forward until the other side is served with the court papers. Search and Locate Investigators do not take the job of Process Service lightly. Search and Locate Investigators always serve the court documents with the up most professionalism to the recipient. The task is to deliver Court documents to individuals for a variety of reasons. Our Process Server Investigators certainly know it is not an easy job to successfully serve court papers. At times the person being served is not thrilled to receive the documents, and it becomes difficult to serve the individual who is evading and not cooperating with the Process Server Investigator. Search and Locate Investigators have extensive law enforcement and professional training. Our Process Server Investigators are the best suited to handle your difficult to serve recipients. An Attorney wants to always have a reliable process server who will get the job done, quickly and efficiently. There is a TRUST which is built between someone you choose to handle your Court Documents and yourself. We take pride in solving all your legal problems quickly and quietly. Standard, Rush and Hard to Serve-Evasive Process Service is Available. Volume Discounts are negotiable for agencies and law firms. Other Legal Services Available.

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